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A video guide to the city of Dubai

  • Dubai/UAE:

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  • Cauliflower Fritters

    Cauliflower Fritters

    Not a big fan of cauliflower? This recipe will change your mind! We trust Suzanne :)

  • Arabic Shortbread

    Arabic Shortbread

    Next time you visit your friends, just take them a box of this Arabic shortbread.

  • Zaatar Croissant

    Zaatar Croissant

    Thyme, more commonly known as Zaatar in Dubai, goes well with bread.

  • Falafel


    Usually regarded as one of the tastiest street foods in the UAE, Falafels won’t just satisfy your hungry, but you wil

  • Kibbeh bil Sanieh

    Kibbeh bil Sanieh

    Typically Middle Eastern, Kibbeh makes it’s way into many households in the region.

  • Cinnamon Buns

    Cinnamon Buns

    If you want good food, occasionally you have to give up your want to be in good shape.

  • Yogurt and Labneh

    Yogurt and Labneh

    Sometimes all you need is a good serving of yogurt to beat the heat.

  • Herb Omelette

    Herb Omelette

    Plain egg omelettes are boring. Suzanne infuses it up with locally available herbs