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A video guide to the city of Dubai

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Tone your Body & Relax your Mind with Yogalates!

Stay fit and healthy in Dubai with Yogalates!

Yogalates is a mix of the best features in Yoga and Pilates.

Working on your core muscles strength combined with ameliorate your flexibility using stretching makes for a full body exercise and workout. 

Refresh - Wall Climbing In Dubai

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Refresh - Wall Climbing In Dubai

Today in Refresh, Ghida takes us wall-climbing!

Whether you do it inside a gym or outside in the mountains, rock climbing is always a fun activity, which helps ameliorating your cardiovascular health, tones you up, improve your flexibility and help you build muscles.


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How Healthy Is the UAE?

How Healthy Is the UAE?

NMC Healthcare launched the nation’s first Health Index which showed 52% of UAE residents are overweight or obese, 35% exercise less than

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