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From MDMC we believe in video content and video strategy, our experience is that people consume visual content and video is the king. Media industry is living a moment of change caused by the markets, by the society and the technology. Advertising fits in different aspects of them. Our content is distributed online, on mobile and tablet devices.

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MDMC’s audience is young and middle aged professionals seeking local entertainment.

Benefit: Our visitors are looking to learn and try new things, and are likely to be interested in your products or services.


MDMC’s banner ads are located in prominent spots on the site, allowing maximum visibility without being disruptive to our visitors. Also we place advertising in the videos. We track each video, knowing how many viewers and for how long our viewers watch each clip.

Benefit: Your product or service will receive prominent placement on our site, drawing visitor’s attention without being obtrusive or annoying.


MDMC offers several locations for banner ads. Both image and video ads are supported. Ad durations can be customized. Affordable in-house design services are available.

Benefit: Your ad campaign can be customized based on your budget, ad type, and duration. We will work together with you to develop and execute your ad campaign.


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