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Maria Conceicao’s Everest Diaries: Day 46

From Dubai to Everest

June 10th, 2013 Leave a Comment
Maria Conceicao’s Everest Diaries: Day 46

On day 46 of the expedition, before leaving to Everest I had a Good Luck event. With friends, family and supporters of Maria Cristina Foundation, I invited a 2012 Everest climber to give a speech so they and I would know what I was getting myself into. Something struck me when he mentioned he had no recollection what so ever of having climbed the Hillary Step. He just blanked out and up to this day he can’t remember a thing.

To be honest this was one of my biggest fears while at Everest - worried what if I blank out and I forget who I am and the purpose I was there and I mess things up? While climbing I tried so hard to focus on every step I took and I was so pleased with myself. As came down, I had no blanks until yesterday, when thought of what happened day on 46 and I have absolutely no recollection of what happened during those 24 hours. All I could remember is that I was sick that day with altitude sickness that I didn’t want to either update call Caren and Paula to avoid worrying any of you further. I will have to check with my climber friends and Satya and then will update you all as requested :)